Play Nintendo DS Games On Your iOS Device Without Jailbreaking Using ‘NDS4iOS’

You might remember GBA4iOS a GBA emulator that was released for non-jailbreakers a couple of month ago. Well today you can add another emulator to your list with the arrival of a new version of NDS4iOS you can now play the Nintendo DS without jailbreaking.


Just like Gba4iOS you can expect Dropbox Sync and from what I’ve played on my iPad Air a pretty good framerate. It should also support MFi controllers since the jailbroken version does. You can also interact directly with the touchscreen, just like a normal Nintendo DS so it’s really neat. Don’t forget to read the instructions on the website or you won’t be able to install it. I can’t wait to play some obscure classics of mine like Rhythm Tengoku Gold and Wario Ware Touched.