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Sega Soft-Launches ‘Crazy Taxi: City Rush’ in the Canadian App Store

A few weeks back, Sega announced a new, mobile-exclusive entry in the beloved Crazy Taxi franchise called Crazy Taxi: City Rush, and today they’ve soft-launched the title in the Canadian App Store. Crazy Taxi: City Rush was a polarizing announcement for fans of the series, as many worried that a free to play monetization method and simplified “one-touch" gameplay could ruin the Crazy Taxi formula.

We’ll have to spend some more time with Crazy Taxi: City Rush to see how it all shakes out, but if you have access to a Canadian App Store account then you might as well give City Rush a download and check it out for yourself. Keep in mind it’s a soft-launch, and the version available in Canada at the moment feels rough around the edges in some spots. Sega will likely update and tweak the game for at least a month or so before launching worldwide, so it’ll be interesting to see how it evolves. Also, be sure to check out the early impressions in our forums.

Canadian App Store Link: Crazy Taxi: City Rush, Free (Universal)