Freebie Alert: The Amazing Audio Adventure ‘Papa Sangre II’

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The App Store is a place of wonder. You’ll find games that you thought couldn’t exist and games that you wonder why they exist in the first place. Papa Sangre ($4.99) is based on the amazing concept of a game without graphics. Basically, you use your ears to find your way across dangerous environments all the while using positional audio to detect and avoid enemies. The first installment was a game that we reviewed and every new game in the series has been improving this formula. The Nightjar ($3.99) used the same concept but with Benedict Cumberbatch added as the narrator. And let’s face it, anything could use more Cumberbatch.

The third one, called Papa Sangre II [appprice url=" “] casts Sean Bean as a dead fellow. Now you can read that sentence again and laugh all you like but it’s one of the in the series yet and it’s also free right now. That’s right, you can get Sean Bean in your ear right now for the cost of nothing.

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    ***Metacritic iOS game of 2013***

    If you are reading this, you are already dead. There is no App Store, there …
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