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GDC 2013: A Look at ‘Bean Dreams’, Sequel to Bouncy Platformer ‘Bean’s Quest’

One of the more interesting platformers on iOS, and a personal favorite, is Bean’s Quest ($2.99) from Kumobius. Playing as a perpetually jumping bean named Emilio, it wasn’t just about making it to the end of a level in Bean’s Quest, which could definitely be a challenge in itself, but rather doing it in as few bounces as possible. It could be downright maddening at times, but in that good way that made you want to keep trying until you finally succeeded.

At GDC last week, Tom from Kumobius was on hand to show off a Bean’s Quest follow-up title, called Bean Dreams. It ups the ante by giving Emilio some nifty new special moves, like a dash swipe or a wall jump, giving way to even more complex level designs and greater challenges. At the same time, the difficulty ramp is much smoother this time around so as to ease players into the challenge better than the original game did. Check out our hands-on time with an early version of Bean Dreams.

Bean Dreams was looking great even in its early form at GDC, and as a big fan of the original Bean’s Quest I’m eager to get my hands on some more of this brand of bouncy platforming. Kumobius hopes to have Bean Dreams finished sometime this year, and we’ll bring you any more news as development on the title continues. In the meantime be sure to check out the original Bean’s Quest if you haven’t previously, as it should be a good way to get yourself warmed up for the forthcoming sequel.