GDC 2014: A Look at IGF Nominated ‘Symmetrain’, a Mashup of Endless Runner and… Spot the Difference?

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Last night we had a small gathering for developer and fans of TouchArcade to come hand out and shoot the breeze, and one game that was getting a lot of buzz as it made its way around the crowd is Daniel Goffin’s Symmetrain ($0.99). While not exactly a new game–it was released back in late October, and Eli’s even streamed it a few times on our Twitch channel–I personally hadn’t seen it, and both its premise and lovely art style really caught my attention. As the title of this post suggests, Symmetrain mashes together an endless progression with a spot the difference mechanic. It sounds super weird, but it totally works. Check out our video of Symmetrain as we chat with Daniel about his game.

The reason Daniel is at GDC showing off Symmetrain is because it was nominated for an IGF award in the Student Showcase category. It’s easy to see why as it’s a really eye-catching game with a really unique concept. If it sounds interesting to you as well, it’ll run you just a buck to check it out for yourself.

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    * Winner of the IGF 2014 Student Showcase * Symmetrain, high score chase in symmetry! Choose your train and spot all …
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