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Atmospheric Adventure Game ‘Forma.8’ Gets a New Trailer, Now Set to Release on Multiple Platforms

forma.8Dig into your memory banks, all the way back to E3 in June 2012, and developer Mixed Bag announced a new iOS action-adventure game called Forma.8. We got a brief demo of Forma.8 at that show, and its striking visuals and atmosphere really caught our attention. I’d describe the visual style as Badland meets Another World. The following January, Mixed Bag released a trailer for the game, but things went sort of silent after that. Then this past October, Mixed Bag resurfaced to release some new screens and let everyone know that Forma.8 was still in the works but no firm release date was in sight. Well, today we’ve gotten word that Forma.8 is still alive and well, and now it’s a multi-platform title. There is also a new trailer which you can check out here.

Forma.8 continues to look better and better every time I see it, and I’m still anxious as ever to get my hands on it. As for platforms, it’ll be coming to iOS of course, PS4, PSVita, Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux. It’s also up for approval on Steam Greenlight. Unfortunately, there’s still no solid release date for Forma.8, but Mixed Bag will be showing off the title at the EGX Rezzed convention at the end of March. It sounds like it’s just about complete, so here’s to hoping it’s not too long of a wait until we can dive into its mysterious world.