Super League Football Tables Now Available as DLC in ‘Zen Pinball’

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The soccer-themed new table for Zen Studios’ Zen Pinball (Free), which was announced late last month, is now available to download from within the Zen Pinball app. The way the Super League Football table works is a bit different from the other DLC tables in the game. There are actually eight different versions for the table, seven that cover popular football clubs and an eighth that is for the fictional Zen Studios Football Club. These are all actually separate IAP tables, even though they are the same table layout for each. The difference between each is just the theme. So you’ll need to choose your allegiance before picking one up, and then there’s sort of a big online battle between all the various football club tables within the game.

It’s actually a pretty cool idea, having the different football clubs all vying for the top spot on the same table. Just be aware that you don’t simply buy the Super League Football table once and then have the ability to switch teams at will. I don’t have any allegiances to any football clubs, so I jumped on the Zen Studios F.C. bandwagon. Also, Zen had previously alluded to there being a separate standalone version of Super League Football being released, though I haven’t seen any sign of it yet. However, it is available right now inside the Zen Pinball app, so if soccer/football and pinball are two of your passions, be sure to check it out.

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