‘The Room Two’ Universal Update Now Available, on Sale for $2.99

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We knew that The Room Two ($1.99) would be heading to iPhone and iPod touch devices at some point early this year, but when we reported on Monday that it would be coming this week, we erroneously assumed it would be in a similar fashion to the first game with a new separate version for iPhone. Well, in this particular case I’m very happy to be wrong as Fireproof Games has opted to not go that route this time and instead has updated the iPad version of The Room Two to be Universal with support for iPhone 4S and above devices. That update is out now and to celebrate they’ve knocked a couple of bucks off the price of The Room Two, down to $2.99 from $4.99.

If you read TouchArcade with any sort of regularity then you no doubt already know we’re huge fans of both the original The Room (Free) and its sequel The Room Two. They’re the type of games that feel like they’re infinitely better for being on touchscreen devices, and while they can be quite difficult at times, the amount of “aha!" moments and level of satisfaction you get from solving a particularly tricky piece of a puzzle makes it a worthwhile journey to take. I can only hope that we get The Room Three someday, but if you’re an iPhone or iPod touch player interested in The Room Two now is the time to grab it with its new Universal update and sale price.

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