Freebie Alert: Turn-based Law Battler ‘Devil’s Attorney’ Free for the Weekend

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Here is a very nice treat as we head into the weekend. 1337 Game Design’s Devil’s Attorney ($4.99) is free for the first time ever. Originally launching back in September of last year, Devil’s Attorney took the strategic turn-based battling that you might find in any number of RPG or TBS titles and applied it to the courtroom. Rather than hurling magic spells, you’re using Objections to cool down the prosecution or Reverse Psychology to get key witnesses against your client to turn on themselves. Being that you’re the Devil’s attorney and all, your ultimate goal is to get your less-than-desirable clients off scot-free by using every dirty trick you can think of.

Besides a really strong turn-based battling system, Devil’s Attorney also hits the nail on the head in terms of visuals and personality. Your character is just the sort of slime ball attorney that you would imagine, a veritable Saul Goodman for you Breaking Bad fans out there. Due to this, the game isn’t just enjoyable based on its mechanics alone, but will really suck you in with its wit and humor that permeates every nook and cranny. I mean, just check out the cheese-tastic trailer for Devil’s Attorney to see what I mean.

We absolutely loved Devil’s Attorney in our review, and it came very close in the running for our game of the year last year, landing in our Honorable Mentions. What I’m getting at is that Devil’s Attorney is good, like really good, and it’s completely free right now and doesn’t contain any IAP or anything. It’s just a full, awesome game for free. What a treat. Definitely snag it during the freebie promotion and drop by our forums for more impressions and discussion from the TouchArcade community.

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