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Cave is Working On a New Smartphone Shooter Called ‘Don Paccin’

I’d been wondering what shoot’em up experts Cave have been up to. Recently, they updated their entire iOS catalog with iOS 7 support, and “sort of" widescreen support (they added fancy borders where the black bars would be, which is better than nothing), so at least I knew they were still active. However, there was a time when it seemed like they were dropping new iOS ports of their classic shooters every month or two, but it feels like it’s been a while since they’ve released something new.

Well, Siliconera has come across a video for Don Paccin, a brand new smartphone shooter from Cave. Not a ton of details are known about the game right now, and what information there is is all in Japanese, but we do know that Don Paccin will have a heavy emphasis on RPG elements. Check out the trailer.

As you can see, Don Paccin has a pretty different look than that of their previous games. It’s much more cutesy and cartoony, as opposed to the more serious pixel sprites used in other Cave games. However, being built from the start for mobile, and not just being a port of a previous arcade game, it might make for a more natural fit. I’m certainly excited to see more of Don Paccin, and just excited that Cave is continuing to create mobile games. We’ll let you know when more details are revealed.

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