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A Few New Tidbits Revealed for ‘Oceanhorn’ Before its Release this Month

oceanhornI feel like at this point in time I don’t even need to introduce Oceanhorn to anyone, but just in case, let’s quickly recap. Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas was first revealed by developer Cornfox & Bros. way back in November of 2011 and is an action RPG with a clear inspiration from the classic Zelda series. The following January a “secret" gameplay video was released for Oceanhorn, and after seeing the game in motion, my (and many others) anticipation levels were through the roof as it looked simply amazing. Sadly, nothing else of note was revealed about Oceanhorn in the months to come, but a couple of new screens in September followed by another “secret" video in October reignited our enthusiasm to get our hands on the title.

Unfortunately, Oceanhorn wasn’t going to make its intended 2012 release, and late last year it was announced that FDG Entertainment, who have loads of experience releasing games on iOS, would partner up with Cornfox to get the game finished up and into gamers’ hands. At GDC this year, we got a video showcasing the first five solid minutes of Oceanhorn being played, and in July we learned that two iconic composers had signed on to provide the soundtrack for the game. Things were really falling into place, and in August another brief teaser was released followed by a single new screenshot and hints as to when Oceanhorn would finally be releasing, which should be at some point this month.

Ok, so that wasn’t actually that brief of a recap, but that brings us to today where a few more tidbits about Oceanhorn have been revealed prior to its launch. FDG has updated their website noting that Oceanhorn will contain 10+ hours of gameplay and official iOS 7 controller support. In addition, in an interview on German website, FDG revealed that Oceanhorn will cost less than 10 Euros (about $15 US) and that it will not contain any form of in-app purchases. It will also be available in 8 different languages. Also, if the game does well, FDG would love to partner up with Cornfox some more to provide expansions to the game, but none are planned at this point in time.

There’s not a whole lot left to do now but just wait for Oceanhorn to finally rear its head in the App Store. While FDG has been cheeky about a precise release date, we know it’s November for sure, and the 7th has already been ruled out so sorry folks, no Oceanhorn this week. However, each new day brings us closer to that magical day when it does release, so stay tuned to our front page here and the upcoming thread in our forums and we’ll let you know just as soon as you can mash that download button for Oceanhorn.