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‘Rabbids Big Bang’ Launching Next Week for a Buck

Last month Ubisoft announced a slew of new titles, one of which was a game called Rabbids Big Bang. In it, the psychotic bunnies from the Rayman series play a twisted game of space baseball. One rabbid whacks another into space, where he then must use a jetpack, the gravitational pull of planets, and other elements to propel himself to an end goal. It looks just about as whacky as it sounds, as you can see in this new batch of screens for Rabbids Big Bang.

RBB_Screenshot5_Final RBB_Screenshot3_Final

RBB_Screenshot4_Final RBB_Screenshot7_Final

As was given away in the title of this post, Rabbids Big Bang is set to launch on October 17th for a price of 99-cents. I’ve always enjoyed games that use planetary gravitational pulls as a gameplay mechanic, probably used most famously to mobile gamers in Angry Birds Space. I’m actually really looking forward to getting my hands on Rabbids Big Bang next week, so keep an eye out for it to hit with all the rest of the week’s new releases.