New ‘Candy Crush’ Update Gives Players Something to Do While Waiting in the iPhone 5s Line

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screen1024x1024-4As embarrassing as it is to admit, I’m totally in to Candy Crush (Free) these days. I’m not sure what evil wizard cursed me with this affliction, but before going to bed I always have to burn through my lives. In fact, last night in particular, I was blasting out Facebook spam at about 3:00 AM hoping for a ticket on the candy train to get to the next area as I vanquished level 80.

Anyway, if you’re similarly in to Candy Crush and bumping up against the level cap- Check your app updates. King just tossed out another episode, which raises the level cap to 425 and implements some new horror called the “Toffee Tornado" which moves around the board blocking one square per move. I’m nowhere near levels that advanced, so, I can only assume spotting a toffee tornado invokes the same feeling of dread as chocolate soaking up your striped candies.

If you’re new to Candy Crush, be sure to check out our guide on the game which answers a lot of questions in regards to how the IAP works as well as offers up some general strategy. And if you haven’t tried Candy Crush yet, I say give it a shot. I was the biggest nonbeliever for the longest time, and, well, I know what I’ll be doing waiting in line for the iPhone 5s tonight:

…Shamelessly pestering my friends for extra lives.

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