Remember Gameloft’s Duo Gamer Controller? Well, it’s $6 on Amazon Now

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gamer-media4fix-1Late last year we first got our hands on Gameloft’s Duo Gamer game controller and it really left us scratching our collective heads. First off, it’s super plastic-y feeling- Almost to the point that you wondered whether or not you were using their final hardware design. Also, it only worked with five specific Gameloft games. Then when you added the $80 price tag in to the mix, it just seemed insane. It didn’t take more than a couple months for the price to get slashed in half, but even at $40 the purchase was hard to swallow.

If for some reason you’ve been waiting for an even more significant price drop, today is your lucky day. As pointed out by Twitter user @hmlresearch, the Duo Gamer controller can now be had for $6.02 on Amazon.

This very much is dead hardware, as with iOS 7 right around the corner and every accessory manufacturer under the sun making iOS 7 game controllers there’s not much reason to pick one of these up aside from the sake of raw curiosity… But, still, you could probably do worse things with six bucks, and it ships with Amazon Prime! Gameloft seems to have removed all mention of the Duo Controller from their web site, but, here’s the original list of games that were supported with it:

  • Asphalt 7: Heat

    √ “Asphalt 7 might just be the best mobile racing experience currently available.” - Gam…
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