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‘Junk Jack X’ Enters Beta, Gets a New Teaser Trailer

We’ll be getting an official iOS version of Terraria sometime in the near future, but for the better part of two years now gamers have been getting their 2D Minecraft fix on iPhone with Pixbits’ excellent Junk Jack ($0.99). As has been discussed for some time now and officially confirmed this past May, Pixbits is working on a pseudo-sequel called Junk Jack X which will contain some pretty big new features including online multiplayer and new worlds to explore. Earlier this week, Pixbits unveiled a new teaser for Junk Jack X showing off some of those awesome-looking new worlds. Check it out.

What’s really exciting is that Junk Jack X is entering a beta testing period, which means that its progress is humming along nicely. In fact, you can sign up right on the Pixbits blog to be a beta tester if you’re good at searching out bugs and reporting on them. I really liked the original Junk Jack and can’t wait for Junk Jack X to arrive in my dirty little hands, so as we all wait for an official release date join in on the conversation in our forums and we’ll bring you more news when it hits.