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Square Enix’s ‘Bloodmasque’ Shows its Face on the New Zealand App Store

mzl.hafvaejw.320x480-75We already posted about a bunch of games that hit the New Zealand App Store super early this morning, and another surprise just popped up that’ll likely be hitting the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight. As shown at E3, Square Enix’s Bloodmasque is a game that seems to wholly revolve around the gimmick that you can take your own photo then apply it as the facial texture to your in-game character. Now, as someone who typically will just buy whatever has the most holographic packaging when shopping for personal hygiene products, I’m probably a little too excited for this, but, whatever. I love a good gimmick.

Check out the trailer to see Bloodmasque in action:

We’re downloading the game now, and are going to get deeper into it with some first look impressions as soon as we can.

International App Store Link: Bloodmasque, $9.99