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‘Lili’ Developer’s New Game Revealed as ‘Gunner Z’

GunnerZ-LogoBlackWhen Bitmonster revealed their latest project in our forums over the weekend, we were left with just two early images to try and figure out exactly what it is the developer was up to. The images revealed a much darker and grittier game than their previous effort Lili ($0.99), and Brad predicted that we might be in for another zombie game or even something to do with mechs. It turns out he was sort of right on both accounts, as today Bitmonster has finally spilled the beans on their new game which is called Gunner Z.

The “Z" in Gunner Z stands for zombies, I would imagine, as you’ll face off against an army of the undead. The way you’ll go about dispatching them is rather unique though. You have a garage full of heavily armed vehicles called AC-HMVs which have a crane-like arm attached to the top which can be upgraded with various types of weaponry. Your job is to roll into the zombie infested cities in your bad ass truck and lay waste to the enemies using your crane-like turret. It sounds kind of weird, but makes perfect sense after you see the following trailer.

I fully admit that zombie games are starting to become like fingernails on a chalkboard to me: grating on my nerves, but Gunner Z seems like a pretty unique idea for a zombie blasting game. I like the idea of controlling a top-mounted weapon the way you do, and I also really like the gritty “through the eyes of a night vision camera" monochromatic look that’s reminiscent of Zombie Gunship (Free). Also it’s by the folks that made Lili, so you know it’ll be top notch. Gunner Z is currently finishing up a closed beta so it shouldn’t be too far off, and in the meantime be sure to check out the aforementioned forums for more discussion