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‘Transport Tycoon’ is Headed to iOS Later This Year

Originally released in 1994, Transport Tycoon is still considered one of the best tycoon-style games out there. We just got word that this original classic is being “painstakingly revised" for the touchscreen and apparently “retaining every element" that made the original so great… Which, should be music to everyone’s proverbial ears.

This remake is even being both designed and directed by Chris Sawyer, the original creator of this game and both Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2. He’s teamed up with Origin8, who are responsible for the Sentinel series of tower defense games along with several other fantastic iOS titles.

Overall, this seems like a dream come true for tycoon fans, and I can’t wait to give Transport Tycoon a spin when it launches later this year.