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Minimalist RTS ‘Rymdkapsel’ Hitting App Store July 25

We were looking for another excuse to post something about this one, and hey, we managed to find a good one: creator Grapefrukt Games has announced that Rymdkapsel will hit iPad and the iPhone this coming July 25. The launch price will be an agreeable $3.99.

If you haven’t been in the loop, Rymdkapsel is a minimalist RTS that tasks players with defending and constructing a space station. The “minimalist" billing comes from the lack of micro-management. Basically, you just set builders to a task, watch them work, and if you’re attacked, send them to your weapon rooms. It’s a pretty chill game like that.

We’ve been playing a build, so there’s no doubt this has cleared Apple review. Check out that video to see the game in action, and definitely look forward to it on the 25th.