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‘Limbo’ Dev Is Looking For A Mobile Programmer

The creator of Xbox Live Arcade sensation Limbo, a Denmark-based studio that goes by the name of Playdead, is looking for a “platform programmer" who can port games to several different mobile platforms, including iPhone and iPad. The job listing doesn’t get into specifics about what games, and it only betrays that Playdead is “investigating" mobile platforms. Still, you can’t help but to wonder if this studio’s only game is up for a little bit of phone and tablet love in light of this listing. Of note, the is also working on a new IP, so that’s a port possibility, too.

Limbo is certainly making the rounds, at least. After a very successful launch on XBLA, the title has seen a PC, PSN, and a Mac release on top of an On Live launch. We’re going to take a wait and see on this one, since, well, that’s our only option. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Limbo, it’s that assumptions, like spiders and hotel signs, are dangerous.

[via Destructoid]