Massive Damage’s F2P Mob Game ‘Pocket Mobsters’ Seems Pretty Cool

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672487_largerThis morning, we spent a bit of time with Massive Damage‘s new free-to-play game, Pocket Mobsters (Free), and you know what? It’s OK. In the game, you’re tasked with ruling a city as a mob boss. This means you’re in charge of the usual — recruiting bruisers, shaking down business owners, taking out rival gangs, and whacking folks. A cutesy art style and light, goofy writing keep your job from being as heavy as it could be.

Like most free-to-play games, the actual game part pretty much goes down in menus, as you set up appointments for your dudes to go shake down folks or whatever needs to be done at a given time. This trailer doesn’t give the greatest look at how Mobsters plays but you’ll get a feel for the style and tone:

Anyway, give this a shot if you’re looking for a new appointment-style kind of game. It plays pretty well and, hey, it offers something outside of the usual fantasy / tower setting, which is refreshing.

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