E3 2013: SmartGlass Support In ‘Dead Rising 3’ Could Open Up A New Way To Play Co-Op

DR3-610Dead Rising 3‘s SmartGlass support is way too neat to not mention. According to Joystiq, the “second screen experience" for the Xbox One exclusive will grant players access to bonus missions, as well as special abilities including, but not limited to, air strikes and drone support. More interestingly, the SmartGlass app will also help folks “locate specific types of items and abandoned storefronts," Joystiq says. Meaning, you could have a couch co-op partner help you find stuff, as well as set waypoints on your map. That’s pretty neat, as it opens up a new way to play via tablets and phones. The potential of SmartGlass is seriously awesome.

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive, by the way, and it’s launching this holiday. In the teaser trailer we’ve included below, you can see that Capcom is taking this game in a much more serious direction, tonally, than it has in previous Dead Risings. (We call multiple Dead Rising games Dead Risings, right? Oh well!)

[via Joystiq]