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‘Triple Town’ Creator Spry Fox Announces New Puzzle Game ‘Road Not Taken’


I need Road Not Taken in my life, like, right now. It’s the next game from Spry Fox, the studio behind Triple Town (Free). Inspired in part by Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken," it’s being described as an “evergreen rogue-like" that explores life in loss — you know, heavy stuff, like what happens when you stray from your path and all that.

Spry is being pretty vague with details (and probably for a good reason), but it is sharing some concept art and a teaser trailer, the latter of which we’ve embedded in this post. Take a look around; this thing looks like a winner.

Road Not Taken is due out for PC in 2013 and “eventually" mobile and tablet down the line. There’s no doubt we’ll be keeping our all-seeing eye on this thing, so add this one to your Watch List in our app (Free) if you want to be alerted whenever we post an update on the project.