Explore Your Green Thumb in ‘Weed Farmer Homegrown’, a Surprisingly Complex Tycoon Game

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I still have fond memories of playing Plant Tycoon and Fish Tycoon on my Treo 650, as they were pretty perfect light simulation timer-based games that just seemed to work really well on the tiny touchscreen of ancient smartphones. Well, the Grow Brothers are revisiting that similar gameplay with Weed Farmer Homegrown ($2.99). However, if like me, you assumed that Weed Farmer would be a super-simple game designed to prey on the same type of people who buy trucker hats at Spencer’s, you’d be way off. As my first play session revealed, Weed Farmer seems to be surprisingly complex.

Cultivating your, err, crop, involves going through all the different stages of raising plants starting from germinating your seeds all the way up to ensuring maximum yield across 30 different plant varieties. You need to worry about bugs, fungus, hydration, and even nutrient deficiencies in your plants while you deal with your lighting, ventilation, and so much more- It’s actually sort of intimidating.

Better yet, there’s even a full online component which tracks multiple leaderboards for growers and even constantly backs up all of your data. Weed Farmer also has a shockingly active online community of players in their own forum to supplement the extensive guides and FAQs on how to play the game.

It’d be super-easy to dismiss Weed Farmer as just some dumb drug game, but it’s totally not. Sure, the goal is to cultivate and sell marijuana, but I guess I never had reason to realize just how involved it all is. If you’re in to simulation games, and don’t mind the admittedly fairly strange subject matter, give Weed Farmer Homegrown a look.

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