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New Hints that ‘Contra Evolution’ May Be Released Outside of China at Some Point

Back in January, a forum member stumbled across a new game in the Contra series for iOS devices that was only available in the Chinese App Store. It’s called Contra Evolution and it looks to be a revamped version of the original run and gun shooter with sweet new graphics and new playable characters.

We thought it looked awesome, but it was only available in China and there was no hint that it might be releasing in additional territories. Well, some enterprising forum members tracked down the Facebook page for PunchBox Studios, the developer responsible for Contra Evolution, and took it upon themselves to do their own detective work.

The Facebook page is entirely in Chinese and didn’t offer much insight, but forum member Master(G) reached out to PunchBox to inquire about the game releasing in additional territories and actually received a response… also in Chinese. The translation by forum member CygentSeven‘s wife sounds pretty positive:

Yes, please wait until we finish the the next revision. It should be soon. There is a plan for a global release. Please watch our website.

Now, take this with whatever size grain of salt is needed as due to language barrier issues this is in no way a guarantee that we’ll see Contra Evolution in the US App Store or elsewhere, but it’s a positive sign, for sure.

I’ve reached out to PunchBox previously with no response, so at this point we’ll probably just need to wait and see what happens. I’m jonesing for some Contra on my iPhone though, as are the eager gamers in our forums, so I’ll definitely be keeping tight tabs on this story in case there are any new developments and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.