Slow Things Down a Bit With ‘SideWalker – Late to Work’, An… Endless Walker – UPDATE: Removed

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Straight from tonight’s “So, this exists" department is Gutpela’s SideWalker – Late to Work (Free) a game that cleverly combines two things that are very hot right now on the App Store: Any behind the back Temple Run style game, and anything that has even vaguely Minecraft-y graphics. SideWalker combines these two fads into one incredibly absurd concept of a game where all you’re doing is walking to work. Of course you need to avoid other pedestrians on the sidewalk and other obstacles, but you can basically take your time controlling your speed by swiping up or down on the screen between a slow saunter and a power-walk. But, yeah, the goal is to just get to work.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible to get to work, as the game is over when you (somewhat inevitably) collide into obstacles three times. Oh, better yet, your health isn’t represented in any kind of traditional measure. Instead, you just lose your clothes. The first time you hit something you quite literally lose your pants, and things escalate from there.

Of course, like any good Temple Run-like there’s a bunch of power-ups you can dump the plentiful amounts of in-game currency you’ll be picking up while walking to work. You can also buy SideWalker money in different denominations, but much like most of these free to play behind the back games, there’s not much reason to.

If you like the silly side of the App Store, give SideWalker a try. There’s something incredibly endearing about it, especially as most of these games have such grand premises like escaping evil monkeys in Temple Run (Free), surviving some weird nuclear apocalypse in TheEndApp (Free), and others. In this, all you’re trying to do is walk to work. Hell, you could get super meta and play SideWalker while you are walking to work. That might be life changing.

UPDATE: Per the developer:

I am the developer of Sidewalker. This game was accidentally release today by the app store, however the official release date is not till May 2. It is being removed from the store right now. If you did manage to download it please enjoy the pre-release demo. Sorry for the mix up.

Some things are just too good for this world. πŸ™

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