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Coming Tonight: ‘Cut the Rope: Time Travel’ Pushes the Familiar ‘Cut the Rope’ Formula Even Further

ZeptoLabs’s Cut The Rope: Time Travel is one of tonight’s more notable releases, and it is what you think it is: a solid follow-up to the original Cut the Rope (Free) and Cut the Rope Experiments (Free) that offers more of the same rope-cutting, monster-feeding shenanigans that managed to strike a chord with folks. It does iterate in some smart places, namely with the introduction of new gadgets that can do things like, say, freeze time and with environmental obstacles like spinning blades. Also, for the first couple of boxes, you’ll be feeding two Om Noms, one of which will be wearing period-appropriate gear as you blast through the ages in search of candy.

Another note as we play through this: Time Travel seems to have a lot of heavily timing-based puzzles. We didn’t really expect the amount of focus on finger agility and synchronization since this series has been so casual-leaning in the past. It’ll be neat to see how people react as the game steadily demands more of their fingers than their brains.

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International App Store Link: Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD, 99¢, Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD, $3.99

Cut the Rope: Time Travel should be available on the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially much earlier if you’re in a region east of the USA. To be alerted when the game is available, open this story in the TouchArcade App [Free] and add it to your watch list. A little after 11:00 PM tonight you’ll get a push alert with the download link.