The TouchArcade Show – 97 – GDC Special Edition

This week on the TouchArcade Show we probably talked about a lot of stuff alongside two special guests, our co-founder Arnold Kim and Halfbrick Marketing Wizard Phil Larsen. If you’re not in the loop, we’re at the GDC in San Francisco, California and coming to you live from the event. As such, this is a different kind of podcast. It’s full of stories about the event, the games we’ve been playing here and on the way back, and a whole lot of whining about how tired we all are.

If you’d like to listen, feel free to hit one of the links below. You can also subscribe to us on iTunes or Xbox Music.


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No show notes this week, but we’d love to take this space and thank our lovely sponsors at GDC who made our party and our good times possible. You’re awesome, guys:

Limbic Software
Phobic Studios
Imangi Studios
Bolt Creative