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‘Final Fantasy V’ Coming to iOS and Android in Japan this Month, US Release Likely

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given the fact we’ve already seen the first four Final Fantasy games come to iOS, and that Square Enix blatantly teased this in a trailer for Final Fantasy IV ($14.99) late last year, but Joystiq reports by way of Famitsu that Final Fantasy V is set to hit iOS and Android devices in Japan by the end of the month. Here’s a screen from the Japanese version, and check out the original Famitsu article for many more.

While Squeenix wouldn’t confirm a release outside of Japan, it seems like a given since all the others have been released in the US and been quite successful. Joystiq even notes that those previous Final Fantasy games were all released simultaneously worldwide, so it’s likely we’ll get Final Fantasy V in the US the same time Japan does. It should weigh around $19 when it hits based on the Japanese price, and we’ll let you know when some more solid info on a US release is available.

[Joystiq via Famitsu]