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Play ‘Nimble Quest’ All Weekend With Our Exclusive Web Preview

We’ve already posted a TA Plays on NimbleBit’s upcoming snake-like NimbleQuest, and could totally write up an extensive preview article detailing even more about the game for its upcoming release. But, really, what’s more fun? Reading what we think about an upcoming game, or just playing it yourself? We’re thinking the latter, so we’re trying something new here. NimbleQuest is made in Unity, and among the other magical properties of the engine is the ability to build the game into a format that’s playable in your browser.

All you need is to do to play it is download a tiny browser plugin and mash the image below to load the game up and give it a spin:

This online preview is only going to be active through Monday night, so if you want to check out NimbleQuest before it launches on the App Store, be sure to do it before then. As far as when it’s going to launch, NimbleBit isn’t ready to get official on the release date, but their fingers are crossed that we’ll see NimbleQuest before the end of the month. Enjoy the game, and feel free to post any tips or strategies you come across for maximizing your score in the comments.

Also, let us know what you think of this style of game preview, as we’ll try to do more of them in the future if people enjoy it. It obviously wouldn’t work for every game, but NimbleQuest is a perfect example of a title that plays just as good in your browser window with arrow keys as it will on your iOS device with swipe gestures.