Coming Tonight: ‘Hackycat’, ‘Jool’, ‘Puzzle Restorer’, ‘Relic Rush’ and More

While the rest of the world is focusing on how mad the New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian release of Real Racing 3 is making them, there’s actually a whole load of other games coming tonight which you may find to be less offensive. If you’re in any of those regions (or have accounts in them), I still highly recommend giving RR3 a spin, regardless. Like previous weeks, all of these new games should land at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially way earlier if you’re not in the USA.

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Crazy Ox, FreeForum Thread – Developer Xu Chunyu is expanding on the endless fill in the blank genre with an endless stampeder, which apparently is a thing now. Either way, it’s free, and looks silly enough to try.

Die Hard, 99¢Forum Thread – Extremely, extremely cautiously optimistic about this game. It’ll either be good, or it’ll be a… movie game.

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Flick Champions Winter Sports, 99¢Forum Thread – A (as the name implies) entirely flick-powered sports game, themed around eighteen cups across six different winter events.

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Hackeycat, 99¢Forum Thread – Do you like cats? Do you like jacky sack? What if you combined cats and jacky sack?

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I, Gladiator, $4.99Forum Thread – Per the app description, “real 3D gladiatorial combat at its finest." Hey, there’s lions.

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Jool, 99¢Forum Thread – A cool looking platformed game with the gimmick of being able to flip your device around to control two different characters. Sounds neat.

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Lego Galaxy Squad Bug Battle, FreeForum Thread – Another entry in the Lego universe that makes me feel super old for not recognizing. If you’ve got kids into this, it’s free.

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Little Luna, FreeForum Thread – A free student-made game that uses the Unreal engine for an entirely narrated point and click adventure-y game.

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Puzzle Restorer, 99¢Forum Thread – A really slick looking puzzle game that involves fixing pixel art using limited numbers of brush strokes.

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Redneck Revenge: A Zombie Roadtrip, 99¢Forum Thread – Amused by redneck humor? Like killing zombies? Well, Bulkypix has the game for you.

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Relic Rush, 99¢Forum Thread – A one-touch controlled adventure game by Forest Moon, with pixel art and chip tunes. I’m definitely getting a strong Last Rocket vibe from this.

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Rock Runners, 99¢Forum Thread – A runner from Chillingo with 140 different levels filled with gems, upgrades, and other unlockables.

Selena the Space Pirate, $1.99Forum Thread – Crazy about bullet hell style shooters? Here’s a game you need to check out.