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Boatload of New ‘Star Command’ Screens Released, Still Coming “Soon”

I actually laughed out loud a little bit when I typed that headline. Ok, so War Balloon’s Star Command has been coming “soon" since it was originally announced way, way, way back in March of 2011. They’ve missed their intended release windows several times, ran at least two Kickstarter campaigns, added support for more platforms, and have had legions of strategy simulation fans frothing at the mouth for going on two full years. It’s been a long, strange trip but it looks like Star Command is actually going to see the light of day in the very near future. No, really.

I could put a laundry list of links to our previous coverage of news, screens, teaser trailers and the like for Star Command over the past couple of years, but your best bet is to just check out this developer walkthrough video from this past October for the most recent look at the game as well as exactly what to expect from how it plays. Essentially, Star Command has you creating your own spaceship and crew and then traveling and exploring the galaxy getting into battles with alien races. The popular comparison seems to be Game Dev Story meets Star Trek, though the recent hit FTL has also been bandied about as being similar too.

Anyway, War Balloon has updated their blog with some shiny new screens of Star Command over the past couple of weeks, so take a gander at them below and give them a click if you want to see them full size.

So, where exactly are we at with Star Command? Well, according to nuggets of information gleaned from the Star Command Facebook page, originally the game was going to “soft launch" in just a couple of select territories sometime this month. However, fans voiced their opinion that, after waiting so long for the game, everyone should be able to get their hands on it at the same time. War Balloon agreed, and has now decided to launch the game worldwide and forego a soft launch. Unfortunately that also means Star Command likely won’t be out in January as originally planned.

With that, the developers are refraining from mentioning any more dates until they know for sure when the game is actually coming out. All signs point to it being submitted before the end of the month though, with a release likely sometime in February. We’ll see! In the meantime hit up our forums for some discussion and we’ll be sure to let you know if the mythical release date of Star Command ever reveals itself.