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City State Entertainment Teases… Something?

These days it’s hard to get excited over vague teasers in the iOS space, but this one is different. City State Entertainment has some serious talent behind the helm, as if you listened to our bonus podcast, you’d know that it’s run by veteran game designer Mark Jacobs. He’s likely best known for his work bringing Dark Age of Camelot to fruition, but (and again, you’d know this if you listened to our podcast) he’s got tons of other titles under his belt as well.

This could be for an update on March on Oz ($0.99), but the whole theme of the teaser doesn’t really fit with the whimsical fantasy vibe of Oz. The whole three sided thing at the end is reminding me a lot of the Dark Age of Camelot logo, and as mentioned in our podcast, Mark is a huge fan of the three sided realm versus realm thing.