Coming Tonight: ‘Fluxx’, ‘Football Manager Handheld 2013’, ‘Monsters, Inc. Run’, ‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’, and More

It’s Wednesday again, and a rather exciting Wednesday at that. If you haven’t yet, you should really check out our new TouchArcade Free Play program where you can get Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD for precisely zero dollars. Anyway, this is a massive release week as we approach the holidays, so let’s get on with the show. Like previous weeks, all of these games should be available at 11:00 PM Eastern.

Alpha Zero, $1.99Forum Thread – A 2.5D scrolling shoot ’em up.

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APO Snow, $1.99Forum Thread – A snowboarding game featuring real snowboarders.

AR Defender 2, FreeForum Thread – If augmented reality is your cup of tea, these AR Defender games are really cool examples.

Arson & Plunder HD, 99¢Forum Thread – A side scrolling bea ’em up.

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Blind Walk, $1.99Forum Thread – It’s a bit of a mystery what you do in this game, but the art style sure looks neat.

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Call of Mini: Brawlers, 99¢Forum Thread – Another side scrolling beat ’em up, except featuring zombies.

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Fluxx, $2.99Forum Thread – A crazy card game I’ve been hearing some very good things about.

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Football Manager Handheld 2013, $9.99Forum Thread *Insert ignorant American comment about soccer here.* Seriously though, I know people love this series. Here’s the 2013 iteration.

Galaxy Dungeon, FreeForum Thread – I have no clue what this game is about, but it’s a Squeenix title that seems to be exclusive to the Japanese app store.

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Metal Slug 1, $1.99Forum Thread – Surprise! It’s the original Metal Slug.

Monster Truck Destruction, 99¢ – Forum Thread – Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I always have fun with monster trucks.

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Monsters, Inc. Run, 99¢Forum Thread – Crazy about Monsters, Inc. and like running games? Well, here you go.


Monsterthon, 99¢Forum Thread – A game of destroying everything in your path?


The Player – Classic, FreeForum Thread – A neat looking rhythm game.

Playmobil Pirates, FreeForum Thread – Another free to play builder from Gameloft.

Potshot Pirates, 99¢Forum Thread – A 3D shooting physics puzzler that looks really neat in its trailer.


Ski Jump Giants 13, 99¢Forum Thread – We’ve got a snowboarding game this week, so why not a ski jumping game?


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, FreeForum Thread – A seemingly cool rhythm-based RPG with an absolutely ludicrous amount of IAP.


Wheel of Fortune, $2.99Forum Thread – WHEEL. Of. FORTUNE!


Zooniverse, FreeForum Thread – And last, but not least, a free to play builder/breeder game.