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Simogo Says “Season’s Greetings!” with a Creepy ‘Year Walk’ Teaser

After teasing its fans over the summer with some cleverly hidden riddles, Simogo officially unveiled their newest upcoming project Year Walk back in September. Quite a departure for the usually quirky, cute, and upbeat games that Simogo is known for, Year Walk had a much darker and disturbing edge, most recently evidenced by the trailer released on Halloween. The whole thing has us totally intrigued, but unfortunately Simogo is keeping pretty tight wraps on any concrete details about what Year Walk will actually be like.

I really can’t wait for it though, and Year Walk is right up at the top of my own personal most-anticipated upcoming games list. Simogo mentions on their blog that they’re not quite ready to shut it down for the holidays just yet, so there might even be some more Year Walk details squeaked out before the new year. The game is slated for sometime this winter, which will most likely put it in the early part of 2013. For now, enjoy Simogo’s Season’s Greetings video below, which may or may not contain subtle Year Walk hints but has at the very least definitely left me feeling somewhat unsettled.