‘Teal’c’s Revenge’ DLC Coming to ‘Stargate Command’ App, Brings 1-on-1 Battling to Cheyenne Mountain

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Calling all fans of the Stargate franchise: a new mobile game is heading your way. The name of the game is Teal’c’s Revenge, and it puts you in control of the Jaffa warrior Teal’c as he defends Stargate Command at Cheyenne Mountain from an onslaught of intruders in one-on-one Infinity Blade-esque battles.

If you are a fan of the Stargate movies, TV series, books and all manner of other media, then it sounds like Teal’c’s Revenge will be offering up a lot of fan-service. You’ll get to explore the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, discover special items that harken back to previous missions from Stargate SG-1, and there will even be some trivia to test your knowledge of the series. There is even hints of a hidden room for dedicated players to discover that contains rare images from the SG-1 archives. Sounds pretty cool.

What’s really interesting is that Teal’c’s Revenge isn’t a standalone game, but rather an in-app add-on for the Stargate Command (Free) app from developer Arkalis that launched over this past summer. Stargate Command is mostly an entertainment app for fans of Stargate that lets you explore a virtual version of the Stargate Command Complex in Cheyenne Mountain. It had a cool golfing mini-game where you could smack golfballs right into the Stargate itself, and lots of other tidbits to discover about the lore and characters in the Stargate universe. You can see the upcoming Teal’c’s Revenge DLC game in action in the trailer below.

Next Thursday the Teal’c’s Revenge game will become available in the Stargate Command app for a limited time sale price of 99¢. It’s kind of hard to tell just how well the game will actually play from the brief trailer above, but it definitely looks nice, and should be a real treat for Stargate fans. There will be both Campaign and Survival modes to work your way through, and Teal’c earns experience through battling which goes towards leveling up your attributes. There’s apparently no level cap either, so you can kick back and level up Teal’c until your blue in the face if you wish.

You can download and explore the Stargate Command app right now for free from the link below, and be on the lookout for the Teal’c’s Revenge DLC to hit next week.

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