The TouchArcade Show – 79 – Time Traveling Thanksgiving Edition

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This week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show is a weird one. We recorded on a short week, so we weren’t able to spend a ton of time with games we haven’t already talked about. As a result, we’re kinda all over the place. BLOPS 2, Borderlands 2, Wii U, and other games stuff takes center stage, while iOS takes something of a backseat. If you’ve yet to hear one of our fabled off-topic podcasts, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this.

There is some iOS games-specific discussion. When we break into the segment, we spend a few minutes on what’s wrong with Madden Social. Later, Eli dives into Endless Drive, and Jared tells us all about Dragon’s Dream.

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Next week we’ll be back and ready to talk about a lot more iOS stuff. We hope you had a great Thursday and we look forward to shooting audio into your earholes again soon. Stay frosty.

Show notes:

Dragons Dream ($4.99) [TA Plays]
Madden NFL 13 Social (Free)
Endless Road (Free)
Meganoid 2 ($1.99)


‘GTA: Vice City’ has a release date
A Quick Look At ‘Madden Social’
Nielsen Says Kids Want iPads This Christmas [TUAW]

This week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show is sponsored by Amuses Me Games’ upcoming iPad game, Go Go Redball. It’ll be available November 29th at 99¢.

Go Go Redball for iPad is a simple, beautiful, physics-based game. You toss a red rubber ball around the screen and it bounces with a satisfying “bop". There are four open-ended minigames that offer endless replayability — just like bouncing a real ball.

The graphics, sound, and interface have all been refined to a high degree. From realistic soft shadows to a shag carpet that *sounds* right, everything in this simple game has been carefully designed.

Go Go Redball for iPad will be available on November 29 for the introductory price of $0.99.

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