TA Plays: ‘Hill Climb Racing’ – Another Physics-Based ‘Racing’ Game

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This morning, Eli and I spent checked out Hill Climb Racing (Free), the number one free app on the App Store. It’s another one of those physics-based “racing" games that task you with driving a crappy car up and down 2D hills on an eternal hunt for coins and a high score. With these coins, you can upgrade your car. You can also buy two other vehicles: an F1-looking racing car and a monster truck. Both feel faster and more stable than the first car you get.

So, what makes Hill Climb Racing so special? Why is it sitting on top of the App Store? We’re not too sure. It doesn’t have a cool look or icon and it’s not even the best take on this genre within the top ten free apps. It’s kinda mystery.

Our guess was that we’d be able to say “oh, I get it" after taking a look at it, but here we are, still wondering. Maybe it’ll click with you, though:

  • Hill Climb Racing

    Play the original classic Hill Climb Racing! Race your way uphill in this physics based driving game, playable offline! …
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