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New ‘Prevail’ Gameplay Trailer Surfaces, Firm Release Date Still Nowhere in Sight

It’s been just over a year since developer Johnny Two Shoes first announced Prevail, the follow-up to their 2010 iOS swashbuckling title Plunderland (Free). Prevail uses a similar style to Plunderland with 2D side-scrolling gameplay and direct interaction with the world through touch, but greatly expands upon it with an entire universe filled with different planets and systems to explore.

This past February we got our first real glimpse at what Prevail was like in motion with the first gameplay trailer, which showed bits and pieces of the various things you could do in the game. Today, Johnny Two Shoes has released a new trailer of an unedited 4 minutes of gameplay, to give you an idea of what an actual play session is like.

Basically, it shows off deforming the terrain and mining its rocks using TNT. Then you befriend an alien creature by feeding it, um, a seed or something? Only to turn around and kill it moments later. The circle of life, I guess. Then you engage in some combat with the local inhabitants of the planet before hopping in your space cruiser and hightailing it out of there. See it all for yourself.

Originally, Prevail was shooting for an “early 2012" release, which obviously didn’t quite happen. Johnny Two Shoes is hesitant to name any specific release window, though it sounds like they’d love to get it out sometime before the end of the year. One thing I do know is they won’t release it until they feel it’s good and ready. Until we find out more enjoy the new trailer, and be sure to hang around the forum thread where the developers are actively discussing the game with our community.