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Forest Moon’s First Title ‘J.A.M.’ Set to Release Tomorrow

Crescent Moon Games blasted onto the map way back in 2009 with the open-world RPG Ravensword ($2.99), and has since gone on to become one of the preeminent developers and publishers of visually impressive 3D games for iOS. Now, they’ve spun off a new label called Forest Moon Games which is being reserved for publishing more 2D, casual, and experimental titles.

The first release under the Forest Moon brand is coming this week, and it’s a very lovely looking scrolling shooter called J.A.M. from Tap-Fu ($1.99) and 7 Cities ($2.99) developer Neptune Interactive. Here’s the trailer.

J.A.M. will come with 5 levels and 3 difficulty modes, as well as an array of different weaponry and a customizable ship. It’ll also be ready for the 16×9 screen of the iPhone 5 and new iPod touches, and will come with Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements.

I’m always excited to see new releases from Crescent Moon, and by extension Forest Moon now as well. We’ll be sure to check out J.A.M. when it hits on the 19th (and technically, it will be out tonight at 11pm EST due to the whole time zone release thing. Cool!)