TA Plays: ‘Super Mole Escape’ – A Polydactyl Prison Break

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This afternoon Bradley and I took Adult Swim’s Super Mole Escape (Free) for a ride. A dollar gets you in the door, at which point you’re welcome to tons of unlockables that you can slowly work towards through run after run as you try to escape from some sort of mole-specific prison.

The controls are a familiar simple tilt-based affair that we’ve seen countless times on these kinds of “endless" games, but there’s also an option to toggle touch controls if you’re not a tilt person. (In trying them both, it seems tilt feels better.) Gameplay amounts to the typical see how far you can go sort of thing, with tons of gems (which are used to buy unlocks) to collect and an assortment of powerups to use.

Also included is Game Center multiplayer, which is a lot of fun as well. Give it a look:

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