TA Plays: ‘Trainz Driver’ – A Train Simulator

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Late this afternoon, Eli and I spied a true App Store find: Trainz Driver ($2.99). Don’t let that ridiculous “z" in its name pull a fast one on you — this is a train sim game that seems to take conducting as seriously as X-Planes takes piloting. In the game, you can control different trains across a wide variety of environments that feature realistic terrain. A free roam mode lets you conduct at your leisure, while a mission-based arcade mode gives the game a bit of oomph, as it introduces various scenarios that test your mad skills.

Speaking of skills, you should check out ours just below. Watch me as I break all sorts of laws, risking the wrath of the train police in the process.

We’re definitely planning on giving the proper Trainz game, Trainz Simulator ($6.99), a go at some point this week, so buckle up for that if this video is something you enjoy.

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