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Shaun Inman Reveals ‘Flip’s Escape’, Semi-sequel to ‘The Last Rocket’

One of the very finest games you could possibly buy for your iOS device is Shaun Inman’s puzzler The Last Rocket ($1.99). It’s a scientifically proven fact. Ok maybe not, but if you don’t believe me then check out our 5 star review of The Last Rocket from last year. Anyway, today Shaun announced on his website that his latest project is called Flip’s Escape, and it ties into the story of The Last Rocket. Check out the trailer.

Flip’s Escape is more of just a spiritual sequel to The Last Rocket, as the gameplay is totally different but it does pick up the story from what we last say Flip and AMI up to at the end of The Last Rocket. Flip’s Escape sure does look interesting, and we’re big fans of The Last Rocket we’re pretty excited to see what happens next. Sounds like Flip’s Escape is close to submission if not submitted already, so hopefully it’s not too long until we can get our hands on it.