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‘Happy Street’ Launching Worldwide Next Week

Remember earlier this month when we took a hands-on look at Godzi Lab’s upcoming new game Happy Street? Of course you do, because obviously TouchArcade is the epicenter of your lives and dominates your every waking thought. Right? I thought so, but just in case you were unaware, Happy Street is a 2D town-building game with a typical and unobtrusive freemium model, and is elevated by its personality, variety, and adorable visuals.

Yesterday, Godzi Lab announced that Happy Street would be launching worldwide next week on August 2nd. The game has been available as part of a public beta in the Canadian App Store for about a month, and there are a couple of updates already in the pipeline that should hit before the official launch, enhancing interactivity between friends’ villages and expanding the dialogue.

Happy Street will be Universal and free to download, so check in on our forums until you can get your own hands on it with next week’s new batch of releases.