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TA Plays: ‘Fieldrunners 2’ – Tower Defense Kicked Up To 11

Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent a good chunk of time with Subatomic Studios’ mega awesome Fieldrunners 2 on iPhone. On the surface, it’s a super smooth tower defense game that packs in just about any kind of standard tower defense mode, tower, enemy, and even special ability that you could possibly want in a tower defense game. Looking deeper, it has a flair and character that you don’t see in other TD games. Super smart AI behaviors and an engine that can render tons of dudes on-screen round out the package.

Obviously, we’ll be giving Fieldrunners 2 a much more in-depth look later when it hits worldwide later tonight. But, we did want to give you a little taste of what to expect. Our guess is that if you like TD games, this probably was already on your radar. If it wasn’t, though, consider giving this a look: