Freebie Alert: Turn-based Strategy Hit ‘Great Little War Game’ is Currently Free

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Last year Rubicon Development released their turn-based strategy title Great Little War Game on the App Store, and it was a very good thing. It managed to keep the strategic elements deep without overcomplicating the mechanics or interface, and it’s cartoony style and humorous personality were hard not to adore. If you somehow managed to miss Great Little War Game all this time, here’s some good news: you can currently get the game for free.

As we mentioned last Thursday, Rubicon’s follow-up title Great Big War Game is set to hit the App Store this week. It looks to retain all the elements of the first while expanding and improving on nearly all of it. Checking out the original game while it’s free is a great primer for this week’s coming sequel, but it’s also a fantastic game in its own right with a ton of content to play through. Be sure to grab your free Great Little War Game and keep an eye out for the sequel with this Wednesday’s coming releases.

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