Coming Tonight: ‘Amazing Alex’, ‘Crash Birds Island’, ‘Knights of the Round Cable’, ‘Pocket Heroes’, ‘Tiny Wings’ 2.0 and More

The two giants this week are Tiny Wings 2.0 and Amazing Alex, weirdly enough, there’s tons of other games that threw their hat into the release arena too. An important note, currently Amazing Alex is nowhere to be found on any international stores. Typically speaking, Rovio pulls the lever to release their games simultaneously worldwide. So, my spider sense is telling me that we’ll see the game everywhere at around… Midnight Pacific time. Everything else in this list should be available at 11:00 PM Eastern.

Ballooned!, FreeForum Thread – A horizontal scrolling shooter with tons of balloons and costumes.

Bounty Racer, $1.99Forum Thread – A cool looking cart racer with four player online multiplayer.

Crash Birds Island, 99¢Forum Thread – Tilt controls always seem to work so well for flying games, here’s to hoping this one is as fun as it looks.

Criminal Investigation Agents: Petrodollar$, $2.99 / HDForum Thread – We don’t usually post about these sorts of hidden object games, but the premise of this one seemed too silly to ignore, especially as you play as an elite agent from the Federal Tax Bureau.

Knights of the Round Cable, 99¢Forum Thread – We got a look at this ultra-casual swinging game at E3, and liked it quite a bit.

Jay and Silent Bob in: Let Us Dance!, Free / HDForum Thread – A… Free Jay and Silent Bob rhythm game?

Jay and Silent Bob in: Too Fat to Fly, 99¢ / HDForum Thread – Remember the Southwest Airlines drama? Well, it’s been made into a game.

Metal Slug 3, $6.99Forum Thread – The classic Neo Geo arcade sidescrolling shooter. I really hope the controls are good.

Outmaneuver, 99¢Forum Thread – A hex-based strategy game eh?

Pocket Heroes, 99¢Forum Thread – A turn-based multiplayer online RPG that I couldn’t be more excited for.

Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam, FreeForum Thread – I don’t know what the technical name for the genre that these spinning vertical jumping games would fall under, but they always seem to work well on iOS devices.

Tap Tap Revenge Tour, FreeForum Thread – The latest installment in the Tap Tap Revenge series.

Tiny Wings HD, $2.99Forum Thread – We already extensively went over this game this morning, so give that a peep in you want the skinny on all things Tiny Wings related!