TA Plays: ‘Left 2 Die’ – A Dual Stick Zombie Shooter

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Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I jumped into Left 2 Die [99¢]. It’s a wave-based, dual-stick shooter that pits you against oodles and oodles of the undead. As you survive waves, the horde becomes increasingly more dangerous, sometimes spawning monsters that have similar powers to Left 4 Dead‘s Special Infected. You also collect cash as you play, which you can then use to buy more powerful weapons and characters.

As you’ll see, Left 2 Die isn’t so impressive. It’s pacing is painfully slow, its time versus rewards balance seems off, and it just feels, in general, as… lifeless as its zombies. On the other hand, the visual style is undeniably sharp and the online component, like with other wave-based games, probably has the potential to make everything click.  Our advice?  Just take a look. Maybe it’s up your alley:

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