‘MapleStory Live’ Hits The App Store

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We’ve seen quite a few MapleStory experiences on iPhone, but none seem to be as faithful to the core game as last week’s release MapleStory Live [Free]. Nexon Mobile says, straight-up, that it’s the “complete" mobile experience, as it incorporates all of the proper game’s 2D side-scrolling action and even throws in some new stories, monsters, and characters.

What Live isn’t is an MMORPG. At the moment, it’s a free-to-play solo experience with some weak online hooks, including an Ad Board and Mailbox. On the other hand, Nexon plans to update Live regularly in order to “bring you an endless adventure." That’s kinda what the core game already is, right?

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    Some devices may face error when entering the game after 1.4.5. update.
    We will be updating 1.4.6 version very soon,…
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