Check It Out! We Battle It Out In ‘X-Plane For iPad’

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It’s one of the only, but it’s also still one of the best. X-Plane for iPad [$9.99] is a super serious flight simulation game that recreates just about any experience. You can fly or land helicopters, streak across the sky in jets, bumble around in 747s, or even take it to space in a NASA ship. We’ve been playing the game off and on since its debut in 2010 because, simply, it’s just that good.

Since it’s getting up there in age, though, Eli and I decided to show off the game again in video form. Below, I try to land my favorite plane. You’ll see the results, and maybe X-Plane for the first time. Check it out:

But that’s not all there is to this one. After viewing my amazing abilities first-hand, Eli decided that he could fly much, much better — from space, no less. The space content in X-Plane for iPad is slightly wonky, but it’s pretty cool, too. Here’s Eli:

Updates for X-Plane seemed to have stopped. We’ll be contacting the creators shortly to ask about any possible plans for content down the road. Stay tuned!

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